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    Wire is a vehicle to achieve magic, to express One’s soul.

    The technique used by this artist consists of drawing pencil lines to the third
    dimension… It’s like drawing in the air with a concrete material: Iron wire. It’s
    a system that doesn’t need welding, but rather, it involves rolling up, down
    and around wire.

    This method has been developed by a careful and intensive research of
    Colombian artist Claudio Carranza, who in his journey throughout the arts has deepened and managed to combine various techniques in drawing and
    material handling.

    Claudio Carranza’s SCULPTURES are from 50 centimeters high to 5 meters wide and made in rolled up wire. They are Eco Friendly and HANDMADE

    The aesthetics of the wire handling technique used in these sculptures is apparently a mess of wire that actually corresponds to an order that bases its coherence on the Fibonacci Sequence.

    To achieve this wire-rolling technique, it has had to be practiced for years, fine-tuning movements, perspectives and proportions, through close observation and an in-depth study of human dimensions, including all that this implies.

    Trophies, Souvenirs, Awards

    CLAUDIO CARRANZA makes collections of Special Sculptures for Trophies, Souvenirs and Awards at events:

    Tennis Championships, Golf Tournaments, Martial Arts Competitions, Prizes for Musical and Cultural Events, Awards for personalities in the fields of Sports and the Arts; Statuettes for events about Law, Medicine, Engineering, Human Sciences, et al ; Souvenirs for Celebrations and Commemoration events in all fields of expertise.

    The Sculptures are designed and produced by the Artist as He has developed strategies for serial production without losing the added value of this proposal, which is HANDMADE.



     Custom Sculptures to be delivered as trophies, prizes, awards, in all areas of Sport: Golf, Tennis, Table Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Skating, Climbing, among many others.


    Custom Sculptures to be delivered as trophies, souvenirs, awards, in all kinds of cultural and social events: Festivals, Meetings, Commemorations, Marriages and birthdays memorabilia.


    Trophies and Prizes for Championships, Fairs, Cups, Contests, Meetings, Shows and Exhibitions.


    A jeweler by tradition, the Colombian artist Claudio Carranza began his path in the Arts by folding gold and silver. This sculptor sees art as a tool, a way of evolving.

    Carranza has had empirical training, and his work is the product of the adoption of artistic trends from different parts of the Planet, because in the development of his career he has had the opportunity to travel to a variety of places, to exhibit his work and thus learn not only trends and techniques in art, but also delve into the culture of the sites he has visited.